The traditional approach for improving safety performance often fails to reduce the actual risks that teammates are exposed to everyday – hazards that have the potential to cause serious injuries and fatalities. 

We help leaders take a different approach – one that transfers the ownership of risk management to teams and departments, and that uses a shared risk management cycle to continually identify, assess, and control hazards for all jobs and equipment throughout your organization.


Leaders are under constant pressure to increase yield, improve reliability and maximize throughput. This may require modernization and expansion projects or focus primarily on maximizing existing operations - achieving these results is a complex challenge for any organization.

We help by using a team-based planning and execution approach that ensures alignment, fully engages teammates, and guides the team to identify new and better behaviors to achieve the maximum results.


Sales teams are under constant pressure to achieve breakthrough sales growth during an ever-changing business environment. Competing new products, evolving customer requirements, and industry disruption complicate the traditional sales approach.

We work with sales teams to identify and validate critical behaviors of sales success and develop a planning and execution processes that helps teams improve the predictability of achieving their sales goals.


In addition to managing daily operations, leaders must ensure that strategic projects are safe, on-time, on-budget and on-track to deliver the expected business results.

Working with teams to define and establish a winning project approach will dramatically increase team engagement, peer accountability, cross-department alignment and communication, and overall success of the project.