At ResultsQuest, we're passionate about helping our clients consistently achieve their most important strategic results. We know the power of connecting great people with proven principles of planning and execution, and have designed solutions that will build and enhance your organizational capability to achieve breakthrough business results.


We help leaders plan and articulate the future direction of their organization by transforming their mission, values, and vision into a clearly defined strategic roadmap.

By identifying existing performance gaps that must be improved and new organizational capabilities that must be developed, leaders are able to clearly articulate the top goals of their organization.

This enables departments and teams to align their focus and determine “what” their strategic contribution will be.


We help teams create a winning approach to execute their goals and achieve breakthrough business results. It's critical that teams own their goals and determine “how” they will achieve them.

For projects or "build" environments, this requires the development of detailed project plans that identify, prioritize and sequence critical work, resources, and communication.

For "run" environments that require improvements to existing operations, teams collaborate to identify and validate the critical behaviors they believe are predictive of goal achievement. Once tested, the “new and better” behaviors are implemented and continually assessed by the team.


We help leaders and teams grow and develop through on-going coaching and performance assessments. Leaders will strengthen their capabilities to effectively lead high-performing teams.

And teams will improve their planning and execution approach by making and executing commitments, meeting weekly to drive accountable and review team progress, and updating their plan based on what they learn.